Financial Insights

Full Option Accounting

We recognize that accounting and taxes can be complicated and overwhelming.  Which is why we have developed a no nonsense approach to providing financial insights.  We call our approach "full option" accounting.  With our approach we will work with you to explain all the options that are available from aggressive to conservative. We will then work with you to decide where on that spectrum you want to fall


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Income Tax Act vs. Case Law

In order to maximize the rewards of being self employed Accountants leverage there knowledge of  both the income tax act and case history from the tax court of Canada, the federal Court of Appeals and the supreme court of Canada. What most business owners are not aware of is the fact that most deductions are not specifically disallowed by the income tax act. While the income tax act is black and white, most expenses items are left to the interpretation  case history.


Your Insights

With our extensive experience in small business and our knowledge of both case law and the income tax act, we can provide financial insights that save you money.  In addition to identifying areas where you have left money on the table our process can identify areas where you  are exposed to risk.

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