Keep it Simple!

Our goal is to keep your accounting and bookkeeping as simple as possible. Our entire process from your initial consultation to the presentation of your final numbers is all geared around the the K.I.S.S. principle. We recognize that for many people preparing your taxes can be an overwhelming process. With our help we can make this process painless and insightful.

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starting at $ 150 / month

Year-end Services and Tax Preparation for Doctors

  • Free consultation
  • Incorporation
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Personal tax returns


starting at $ 175 /month

Year-end Services and Tax Preparation for IT Consultants

  • Free consultaion
  • Incorporation
  • GST/ HST returns
  • Personal taxes
  • Corporate taxes


starting at $ 40 /month

Year-end Services and Tax Preparation for Freelancers

  • Free consultaion
  • Incorporation
  • Personal taxes
  • GST/ HST returns

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